Wellesley College - BISC189 Essential Skills for Computational Biology

Lecture 9 - Final Project Check-in

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Set up your final project

If you haven't already, take a look at Assignment07, where you'll begin to set up your final project by building a code repository and Assignment08, where you'll begin setting up your analysis repository for your final projects.

You can get started on these assignments even if you haven't completed assignments 6 and earlier (though you will need code from earlier assignments in order to complete them).

Use this lab period to get started on setting these environments up, and trouble-shooting problems.

Bonus Challenge

Modify your Lab 3-7 code to use the alignment algorithms in BioAlignments.jl.

You can keep the "API" or interface (the function signatures you wrote), but call functions from BioAlignments instead. That is, your tests could still work at the end. You'll need to read the docs thuroughly, and probably do some googling. And don't forget to add the dependencies to your project!